Dunster Apple Chutney


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Dunster Apple Chutney

A lovely tangy, sweet chutney ideal with a curry & poppadoms, gamey pate, and Wensleydale cheese! A tasty mix of apples, onions & sultanas with my own mix of panch phoron spices.

I made this lovely chutney for Christmas. I needed a sweetish chutney to balance a game pâté that I was serving as a starter. Having had a great crop from our miniture trees earlier in the year there was a plentiful supply of apples. Plus my neighbour kept popping round with carrier bags full of both apples & pears! Add local cider and my favourite blend of spices and ta dah! My family were more than happy to be guinea pigs and now Dunster Apple Chutney is firmly on the Jam Tart product list.

Dunster Apple Chutney with duck terrine & balsamic glaze

Traditionally made in our home kitchen, in small batches using open pans.

7oz/220g e

Weight .200 g

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