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I love lime pickle. I didn’t always.

I used to think it was really (chilli) hot but I realise now it’s just the saltiness of it.

Almost every recipe I found seemed to want me to leave it standing on a sunny window sill for weeks but I’m not that patient. So, I was very excited to stumble upon a recipe in this lovely book by Diana Henry

 Salt Sugar Smoke

Sliced limes ready for salting

Salt spices & salt for the lime pickle

Salt, spices & garlic smushed

Ironically enough, while the time to draw the liquid out of the limes is only a couple of weeks thanks to the mighty microwave & the airing cupboard, over a month has now passed because rather than draw the liquid out of the limes they’ve set in the salt (I fear too much microwaving; I enthusiastically doubled the recipe).

Anyhoo, panicking using this time wisely on research I think I can probably save the limes and end up more with a chutney than a pickle.

Recipe musings

Its ts not a definitive recipe yet…that will come tomorrow. I’ll take these basics & see where my instinct takes me & hopefully it won’t be the bin!

Happy days :)