Pickled Part 2

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Lime Pickle…Part 2

Salted limes

Well, I managed to rinse the salt off this little lot of limes without losing too much flavour (boy was it salty)

In the pan they went with some other stuff…

lime pickle

(Here’s where I had to go back to the shops for some spices as my supply had mysteriously disappeared)

Left it all to cook down…

Lime Pickle

Sterilised the jars…

Lime pickle jars

and when it was all sticky…

Lime pickle

in the jars it went…

Lime Pickle bottled

Its quite bitter, as expected and of course, it’s not strictly a lime pickle. I’m going to let it stand for a couple of weeks see if the sweetness that I wanted comes out a bit more and I might play around with the spices a bit more next time but all in all, not bad for a first try.

Jam on!