Too much fruit!


Last week I bought some limes with the intention of starting some Lime Pickle. I also bought some clementines for marmalade and lemons for my gin.

Time got away from me, the preserves didnt get made & I’ve given up the gin, temporarily, in favour of green smoothies (sad, but true).

The fruit was staring at me, balefully, this morning and in a rush of pity I gathered it my arms lovingly, sliced it it to bits and popped it into my preserving pan.

Mixed citrus fruit for marmalade

I’ve no time to make the marmalade today but I can leave the peel in water, simmering

Citrus fruit with water

covered with a grease-proof paper lid

Citrus fruit with water. Cover with lid

until it’s soft, let it cool then pop it into the freezer. It’ll keep very well until I can transform it into marmalade.

I had about 1.5kg of mixed citrus fruit. I only sliced about a half of it for peel but do as much or as little as you prefer. Juice rest and add it to the pan with 1.5 litre of water.

The peel will soften within 1-2 hours but it’s ready when you can squish it between your fingers.  See previous post for more info.

There’s a school of thought that suggests that pectin will be lost with the freezing process but I’ve not noticed any difference. If you’re unsure use jam sugar with added pectin (NOT ‘preserving’ sugar).

As a general rule, equal measures of sugar to pan contents (eg 1.5litres to 1.5kg sugar)  but if you have a high proportion on lemons or limes you’ll need more sugar. I add by taste, 50g at a time until it tastes right for me.

Just remember, it’s only marmalade, not nuclear physics. If it doesn’t set, bottle it anyway & use it as a sauce for ice cream or duck! I can’t say enough times, having been terrified of making marmalade myself, it really doesn’t have to be difficult.

Go on. Do it!

Lynn x